Van Roon Hall

I designed the windows as four seasons because the windows that I previously designed for the sanctuary depict the seven seasons of the church year and I was looking for a way to add more detail and interest. Also the distinct seasons are so obvious to anyone living in Manitoba.

I have also reinterpreted the original symbols in the United Church of Canada Crest to fit my seasonal approach and the spirit of this church.

The top window is summer with a sunrise or beginning and eight bevelled doves similar to the doves in the sanctuary windows.

The next window clockwise is fall and I used the leaves of both the Manitoba maple and the Canadian maple to suggest the burning bush.

The bottom window is winter and I have turned the alpha symbol into a church wall similar to part of the profile of your church.

Finally the spring window has a closed bible with the addition of many spring flowers including the Manitoba Crocus.

It has been a real pleasure for me to design and fabricate these windows. I believe that they reflect the feelings of openness, generosity, warmth and trust which I always experience here at Charleswood United Church.