The second window celebrates Christmas , the nativity of Jesus. Christmas is a time of powerful and evocative symbols and images. Our thoughts return to the beloved story of a young woman, Mary, betrothed to Joseph of Nazareth, traveling to Bethlehem , the city of David . The window recalls the humble manger in which their child was born because “there was no room for them in the Inn ”. But our attention is also drawn to the star that indicated where the newborn child was to be found. At Christmas we remember that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall now overcome it.

The Christmas window on the east side of the sanctuary is a lasting tribute to Charleswood’s Christmas memorial program, Lights for Lives. The ministry of the Lights for Lives program began in 1992 by a few gentle-hearted people who recognized the human need to remember those who have died even as we celebrate a most miraculous birth. Since then literally hundreds of people have responded by requesting a light lit in the sanctuary during Advent and Christmas in memory of someone beloved.

The Christmas window on the west side of the sanctuary was presented as a thank offering by Dr. Harv Halvorson, a long time member of Charleswood United Church who sadly passed away in 2005. The window serves as an expression of Harv’s support for the ministry of this congregation to the community around us, and the world beyond.