Opening Doors – A Look Back

Charleswood United Church Capital Campaign and Building Project

Thank God for the pioneers of Charleswood United Church.

Thank God for their futuristic thinking that has left us with our present day church.

Thank God for today’s pioneers who want to continue this legacy and prepare for the families of the future.

No need to tell you that our world has changed a great deal since the days when building a church meant showing up with hammers and saws, determination and energy as well as financial commitment. Our pioneers of today let someone else hammer and saw, for the most part, but come armed with expertise and technology, determination and energy as well as financial commitment. The plan is today, as it was yesterday, to build for today and for the future. As in days past, we need all of our members to be pioneers in order to achieve success as we embark on a journey to expand our facilities to serve our membership and community.

That is what ‘opening doors” is all about!

Yes we are “bursting at the seams” but the whole point of this project is not just to make us more comfortable today. It is to make room for more of God’s people to gather with us in His holy place to give each other the love and support that every human being wants and needs. It is to make room for God’s people to gather together in one place and prepare to go out into the world to give love and support to those on the other side of our “open doors” and to invite them in.

Our “Opening Doors” Campaign began in earnest in January of 2006 although the plans leading up to it encompassed some 2 ½ to 3 years. To learn more about “opening doors” click on the pdf documents below which have been sent to all our members. The documents are arranged in date order.

Are you a Pioneer? Would you like to help us prepare for the future? To donate to this project, you can send your cheque to Charleswood United Church Capital Campaign, 4820 Roblin Blvd. Winnipeg , MB. or contact us.

The Capital Campaign

January 22, 2006
Here is our Church…Here is our Steeple

February 5, 2006
Our Campaign Theme

February 19, 2006
Case Statement – Also available from the Office

March 12, 2006
The Committment Process

September 10, 2006


The 2006 Campaign Team