Lights For Lives

Memorial Lights Display

Out of the darkness, the light shall shine

Throughout the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, which is known as the season of light, the décor in the sanctuary of the church includes parallel rows of  “memorial” lights woven into green garlands. During this time these lights will shine, each in memory of a person who has died.

Join us as we pause to honour and remember our loved ones and friends. To add a name to our online Book of Remembrance please contact the church office at or 204-832-3667. If responding by email, please include “Lights for Lives” in the subject line. For more information on the Lights for Lives program, click here.

In Memory of Our Loved Ones

In Memory OfRemembered By
Ada BaileyGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Alan MahonPeggy Mahon
Alene AndersonKathryn Anderson
Alfred LaserThe Lights for Lives Committee
All lives lost to Covid-19Sandi & Glen Ferguson
Anastasia (Nel) KroekerThe Lights for Lives Committee
Angela PackhamMarnie Manerch
Anne ClassenThe Fanset Family
Art GessnerMarnie Manerch
Audrey CameronNeil Cameron
Avery BissonRobert & Linda Bisson
Avion LelondeJackie Drever
Barbara BedderSharon & Brian Bedder
Becky BallRobert & Linda Bisson
Ben HorsfallJo-Anne Findlay
Betty LaingThe Lights for Lives Committee
Betty WiebeGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Bill ClementDeb Clement
Bill GrahamEileen Graham
Bryan McIsaacMarnie Manerch
Canadian Armed ForcesDavid Snow
Christine (Smith) FillionMary Smith
Christine (Smith) FillionJim, Phyllis & Colin Marsch
Christine (Smith) FillionJim & Joyce Smith and family
Cindy DradMichelle Drad
Clifford BrownSharon Gordon
Corney WiebeGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Cyril SankeyBruce & Pat Macdonand
D. C. Wayne GordonSharon Gordon
Darlene SchmidtThe Lights for Lives Committee
Darlene SchmidtMarnie Manerch
Darlene SchmidtLynda
David GordonSharon Gordon
David ReidGail Reid and family
Deanna GriffenFriends & family of the Strouds
Del PorteousGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Della WoolseySandi Ferguson
Dennis McCullochBarb McCulloch and family
Denton PageMarnie Manerch
Dolly GembeyGwen Jamieson
Don WilsonMarnie Manerch
Donald "Pete" RettieSandra Rettie & family
Donald BallRichard Ball
Donald BallRobert & Linda Bisson
Donald BallCal & Donna Rawluk
Donald CampbellSheenagh Campbell and family
Donald ShanskiDawn Flood
Dorothy HalversonRobert & Linda Bisson
Ed CollettBarbara Shumeley
Edith PorteousGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Edward GregoraThe Lights for Lives Committee
Edward RussenholtThe Lights for Lives Committee
Eileen HorsfallJo-Anne Findlay
Elizabeth StewartThe Lights for Lives Committee
Ella BusbyJackie Drever
Ella ContzenThe Games Family
Elsie BallRichard Ball
Elsie BallRobert & Linda Bisson
Elsie BallCal & Donna Rawluk
Ena MacklinMarnie Manerch
Enid Beneta BrownTyrone, Carrie, Michael, Mahrie & Travis
Ernie HassettHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Ethel BelfryKim Belfry
Eveline WatermanHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Everett LyonsPauline & Dennis Lyons
Flora PrideauxThe Lights for Lives Committee
Frank HewlkoThe Lights for Lives Committee
Fred WatermanHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Gail RundleGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Garth ClassonJo-Anne Findlay
Gene HassettHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Geoffrey PregnallJanis Pregnall
George DradMichelle Drad
George FansetThe Fanset Family
George SmithMary Smith
George SmithJim, Phyllis & Colin Marsch
George SmithJim & Joyce Smith and family
George W. OrtweinColleen Ortwein
Gloria Brown Sharon Gordon
Gloria FadykRichard & Nancy Ball
Gord GristRhonda, Glen, Kathy, Michelle, Jason, Blake, Lucas, Scott, Brooke, Will & Lauren
Gordon PrendergastBrian & Carol Bunston
Gordon Wright Marge Wright
Gregory DradMichelle Drad
H. Trevor OdgersDonna Odgers
Hal ThiessenMarnie Manerch
Hal ThiessenCoralie Bornais
Hans ContzenThe Games Family
Harold MacdonaldBruce & Pat Macdonald
Harry BelfryKim Belfry
Hazel TraversMarnie Manerch
Heather Elizabeth MorrisonSandra Rettie & family
Helen BaileyMarnie Manerch
Helen BinghamRoss, Joanne, Chris & Lisa
Helen HutchisonPeg White
Henry ClassenThe Fanset Family
Herb HutchisonPeg White
Herb IrvinePeg White
Hilda CollettBarbara Shumeley
Hugh BinghamRoss, Joanne, Chris & Lisa
Irene BunstonThe Bunston Family
Irene MacdonaldBruce & Pat Macdonald
Irene MarriotCal & Donna Rawluk
Irene StephensThe Lights for Lives Committee
J. Clare BurnsDawn Flood
Jack BurnsThe Lights for Lives Committee
Jack Roe MorrowOlga Morrow
James DaunMaureen Spier
James L. BooteSharon & Brian Bedder
James LairdIna Laird and family
James NorthThe Lights for Lives Committee
Jannie BallRichard Ball
Jannie BallRobert & Linda Bisson
Jannie BallCal & Donna Rawluk
Jesse RundleGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Jessie IrvinePeg White
Jim DreverJackie Drever
Jim NorthWendy & Ed Waggoner and family
Jim PregnallJanis Pregnall
Jim TjadenPeg White
Joan RettieMarnie Manerch
Joan RettieSandra Rettie & family
Joan TrenholmThe Lights for Lives Committee
Joanne MillerSandi Ferguson
Joanne SchieweMaureen Spier
Jocelyn DreverJackie Drever
John ShanskiDawn Flood
Jonathon McKinnonJanis Pregnall
Joseph BusbyJackie Drever
Joyce HassettHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Julie RadchukThe Lights for Lives Committee
Kali DyckJo-Anne Findlay
Katharina LangnerBerndt Langner
Kay CampbellGwen Jamieson
Keith IrvinePeg White
Ken Fowler Pauline & Dennis Lyons
Ken GilleshammerThe Lights for Lives Committee
Kevin Laird Ina Laird and family
Kingsley BowlesThe Lights for Lives Committee
Larry BunstonThe Bunston Family
Larry CraneThe Lights for Lives Committee
Laura RigelhofDawn Flood

Leandre BissonRobert & Linda Bisson
Les BooteSharon & Brian Bedder
Lillian JonesBrian & Carol Bunston
Linda JohnstonMarnie Manerch
Linda Johnston Peg White
Linda TinnoLinda Connor
Lisel ContzenThe Games Family
Lloyd MacklinMarnie Manerch
Lorraine GleneskSandra Rettie & family
Louise BakerPeg White
Louise GordonSharon Gordon
Luella MilneRich Milne
Lynda DaunMaureen Spier
Margaret MilneRich Milne
Margaret WelshMaureen Spier
Marilyn ShabagaThe Lights for Lives Committee
Marilyn ShabagaGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Marilyn ShabagaMarnie Manerch
Marilyn ShabagaCal & Donna Rawluk
Marilyn ThiessenJo-Anne Findlay
Marion FansetThe Fanset Family
Mark CorderThe Lights for Lives Committee
Marlynne SmileyPauline & Dennis Lyons
Martha HoustonThe Lights for Lives Committee
Martha HoustonMarnie Manerch
Martha HoustonSandra Rettie & family
Mary Haycock ToddJoan Todd
Mary MorinBarb Unrau
Maxine PackhamMarnie Manerch
May SwartmanRobert & Linda Bisson
Michael KondrackiTeri, Matthew & Vanessa
Michael McIntyreRichard, Patti & Shannon
Michelle BelfryKim Belfry
Moshe ReuterNehama and family
Myrtle LytleDeb Clement
Nick YurkiwBrenda & Roger Kennedy
Olga HembroffMarnie Manerch
Olga ShanskiDawn Flood
Orest RosolowichFriends & family of the Strouds
Ozzie WhittenRuss Thompson
Pamela LelondeJackie Drever
Patricia BurnsThe Lights for Lives Committee
Paul CarpentierBruce & Pat Macdonald
Peggy DradMichelle Drad
Peggy GessnerMarnie Manerch
Phil James SquariePhil Jr., Stacey & Luxton
Phyllis ManerchMarnie Manerch
Richard RuppOlga Morrow
Rob HoustonMarnie Manerch
Robert DunnHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Robert F. LytleDeb Clement
Robert HayesThe Lights for Lives Committee
Robert HayesMarnie Manerch
Robert L. LytleDeb Clement
Robin ConnorLinda Connor
Rod FowlerMarnie Manerch
Roger ChurkoThe Lights for Lives Committee
Ronald ClubbThe Lights for Lives Committee
Rosina ReadThe Lights for Lives Committee
Sheila BrodieThe Lights for Lives Committee
Sheila BrodieMarnie Manerch
Sheila WisemanJoyce Burns
Shirley JennsBob & Bev Russell
Steve ManerchMarnie Manerch
Syd GleneskSandra Rettie & family
Tom AndersonKathryn Anderson
Trevor OdgersThe Lights for Lives Committee
Trudy SlishinskiBrian & Carol Bunston
Ursula GeoresHarvey & Shirley Waterman
Vic BaileyGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Wallace BaileyGeorge & Donna Wiebe
Walter MarschJim, Phyllis & Colin Marsch
Wendy Anne GrahamBob Graham
Wes PackhamMarnie Manerch
Wilhelm ContzenThe Games Family
William WelshMaureen Spier
Winnie ChafeCoralie Bornais
Winnie SankeyBruce & Pat Macdonald