Together Growing In Faith began over 25 years ago. We are pleased that this is a group open to women of all ages and backgrounds, offering a chance for study and fellowship.

As an outreach, we have organized the Women’s Advent Service in December each year and as a group felt hugely proud of what we offered to the church and the women in our community.  120 women gathered at the first service in 2008, reflecting on the community of the “Apron” and the sisterhood that it has provided for the centuries and still provides in the gatherings in our homes. We continue to gather on the first Monday of Advent to celebrate this season of anticipation. We very proudly collected for the Stella Street Mission and were able to donate over $600. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our service was posted to YouTube on November 30, 2020. Please follow this link to access this service.

We invite anyone to try out our gathering on any Friday morning @ 9:30 a.m. from September to May with study beginning at 10:00.  Please know that you are welcome!