Community Profile

Many of the members of the congregation of Charleswood United Church live in the beautiful community of Charleswood. Many others live outside the community and still choose to come to Charleswood United Church. The Church plays a big role in welcoming newcomers to the area. Charleswood is a drive of fifteen minutes or less from Lindenwoods, Oak Bluff, Tuxedo, Whyte Ridge, St. James, or Headingley.

Charleswood is a bustling, friendly community. We have our own library and fire hall, several banks, schools, clinics, dentists, churches, curling clubs, community centres, golf courses, banks, and easy access via the perimeter, to the new Unicity Centre where you will find shopping of all types.

Charleswood Centre on Grant Avenue and Charleswood Village on Roblin Blvd. give us more choices of shopping areas. Polo Park, one of Winnipeg ‘s major shopping malls, is only 10 – 15 minutes away. Other amenities include easy access to Assiniboine Forest a wooded area which provides a pleasant place for a walk or bike ride when you will almost certainly spot a deer or two, Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg’s most popular green spot, Fort Whyte where you can observe the coming and going of migratory birds as well as other wild life.

A Little History:

R.M. OF Charleswood

The Rural Municipality of Charleswood was incorporated in 1912.

”Charleswood may have been named for Charles Kelly who served on the first municipal council or it may be a combination of the Parish name “ St. Charles ” and the dense woodland that was part of the area.

Prior to World War II, Charleswood was largely rural with only a few residential pockets within the municipality which offered only gravel and mud roads. The local economy was principally agricultural with dairy and poultry farms, market gardens and mink ranches. During the Great Depression, the “Back to the Land Settlement Act” brought an influx of settlers to the area.

After World War II, Charleswood began to grow rapidly beginning with the development of a Veteran’s Land Act Project: “Roblin Park”. To meet population growth, new schools, churches, and recreation facilities were built.

During the early 1960s, a commercial district, “Charleswood Village” developed along Roblin Boulevard between Wexford Street and Alcrest Drive. In 1965, the first permanent Municipal Civic Centre was built at 5006 Roblin Boulevard.

The low density nature of Charleswood began to change with large scale subdivisions like “Westdale” and “Riverwest Park” as well as infill along existing streets and vacant backland.

In 1972, after 60 years as a separate municipality, Charleswood was amalgamated with the City of Winnipeg. With the secession of Headingley in 1992, the former municipalities on the north and south sides of the Assiniboine River were reunited after 80 years as the Assiniboia Community. In 1995, they were physically linked with the opening of the Charleswood Parkway, a bridge linking Portage Avenue and points North with Roblin Blvd.

Much of the history information has been borrowed from The Seniors Resource Network.
A more in depth history of Charleswood is available from The Charleswood Historical Society.