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Ministry Groups

People who are new to a church often ask “How do you meet people around here?” If you are naturally outgoing, it may not be much of a problem, but if you are on the shy side, it isn’t always easy. We want to help. One way is to take part in one of our Ministry Groups or Committees where you might feel comfortable offering your help. Or you might just help out with specific events.

Over 100 volunteers currently serve on our committees and many more serve on a casual basis. Read about all the opportunities for you to put your time and talents to work for Charleswood United Church. Read on for more information on all committees. For more information about committees or activities, please contact us.

In the Spring of 2006, Charleswood United Church Council proposed to their congregation a revised structure of our Ministry Groups and as a result, the activities and business of the Church are now directed by the Church Council and five Ministry Committees who direct the governance of our Church. The Council consists of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, the chairpersons of the five committees listed below, three representatives to Presbytery and the Ministers. Following is a description of the responsibilities and expectations of the Council and the Ministry Committees as outlined in our constitution.

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Church Council


The Council has the powers of the Congregation vested in it and shall be responsible for managing the affairs and assets of the Congregation, through Ministry Committees. Council Executive shall consist of a chairperson, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, 5 Ministry Committee Conveners, 3 Presbytery Representatives and ministerial staff and shall have the authority to meet as necessary to deal with concerns that may arise between Council meetings. The Council has the following responsibilities:

  • To act for the Congregation in all matters except those outlined in our constitution as specified duties of the Congregation as a whole.
  • To co-ordinate work of Ministry Committees.
  • To receive annual reports and set agenda for the Annual meeting.
  • To appoint auditors and receive auditor’s report.
  • To receive and approve annual budget prior to submission for acceptance.
  • To act in Pastoral Relations in event of change of Pastoral Relations.
  • To appoint people to fill Council and Committee vacancies on an interim basis.
  • To ensure the appointments of Heritage Fund Trustees according to the Heritage Fund Terms of Reference.
  • To approve disbursements of the Heritage Fund in accordance with the Heritage Fund Terms of Reference.
  • To appoint a Privacy Officer in accordance with the Privacy Act.
  • The Council will meet 5 times per year on a date agreed upon by the majority of its members.

The Council members for 2019-2020 are as follows:

Ministers: Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson
Chair: Laurie Messer
Vice-Chair: Janet Goddard
Secretary: Anne Burns
Treasurer: Doug Prophet

Plus the Chairpersons of the following committees which will meet in September, November, January, March, and May and additionally as required to fulfill their responsibilities.

Ministry & Personnel Committee


Chair: Warren Thompson

This committee shall be concerned with the following:

  • Providing a consultative and supportive agency for church staff members and for members and adherents of the congregation;
  • Reviewing working conditions and remuneration of church staff members, and making recommendations to Council;
  • Making recommendations to Council with regard to the hiring and termination of paid lay staff, and consulting the Minister(s) on all new staff appointments.
  • The relationship of church staff to members of the pastoral charge and others;
  • The relationship between and among different staff members with respect to their responsibilities and authority;
  • Consulting with all church staff members about their plans for continuing education; ensuring that those eligible avail themselves of the United Church’s provisions for continuing education; ensuring that money and time are available to pursue continuing education which contributes to the mission goals of the pastoral charge and the United Church;
  • Annual review and evaluation of the effectiveness of church staff members as those persons and positions relate to the congregation’s program, as defined by Council;
  • Maintenance of close liaison with the Ministry Personnel & Education Council of Presbytery.
  • The committee shall meet at least quarterly and report to Council.

How You Can Help:

  • Share your skills: in good human relations, good organizational and communication skills, good knowledge of the Pastoral Charge and be caring member of the church.
Ministry of Worship & Education


Chair: Jennifer Mutter

This committee shall be concerned with the following:

  • In addition to elected members of this committee, the Church School Coordinator and the Senior Choir Director are corresponding members
  • To exercise responsibility for the worship life of the congregation including celebration of the sacraments, the orderly conduct of Sunday worship, sanctuary decoration, inter-church worship events, and special services in the life of the congregation as they arise.
  • To exercise oversight for the musical ministry of the church including choirs, instruments, guest artists, and budgets for the purchasing of music.
  • To encourage lay participation in the worship life of the church (i.e. ushers, greeters, readers, servers) and to assess the worship needs of the congregation on a regular basis including the provision of alternative forms of worship.
  • To exercise responsibility for the Sunday church school program including the recruitment and training of teachers and helpers, selection and evaluation of curricula, oversight of the Church School Coordinator, and administration of the Church School budget.
  • To exercise oversight and encouragement for Youth Ministry and programming.
  • To provide oversight for midweek groups for children and youth, Vacation Bible School , confirmation classes, faith development, and Adult Education opportunities.
  • To provide resources for development of candidates for the ministry and other church vocations
  • To be responsible for the library’s use and book purchases and maintenance of audio-visual equipment, including the sanctuary sound system.
  • To exercise responsibility for the budget of the Ministries of Worship and Education as well as the Church School Trust Fund, the Leadership Development Fund.
  • To recommend policies to Council on baptism, transfers, marriages and funerals, and administration of such policies. To ensure the reception, recording, preparation of candidates for membership by baptism, transfer, and profession of faith.

How You Can Help:

  • Visit new families to welcome them to the church
  • Offer your help with preparations being made for Baptism, Weddings etc
  • Co-ordinate Communion (e.g. partner with another couple to purchase and prepare elements.
  • Set up and clean up before and after communion and/or serve communion
  • Arrange scripture reader, ushers and communion servers
  • Read Scripture at Sunday Service
  • Help decorate the sanctuary
  • Join a choir
  • Direct a choir
  • Play an instrument for Sunday service
  • Assist in ushering at Sunday Service
  • Become a church school teacher or a volunteer in the nursery school
  • Assist with Youth programs
  • Help with adult education programs
  • Share your technical skills in the operation of sound equipment
  • Assist in keeping our library up to date
  • Support craft events such as Super Saturday Sundae
  • Help with Vacation Bible School for one week in the summer
  • Volunteer to help at other special short term events throughout the year such as the Family Picnic in June
Ministry of Gifts & Resources


Chair: Mark Little

This committee shall be concerned with the following:

  • Membership of this committee includes the Treasurer
  • To provide education and understanding of Stewardship as it pertains to the needs of the Church in the areas of time, talent and treasure.
  • To encourage and foster personal and financial involvement and to make available to the Congregation, Stewardship materials, including those issued by the United Church of Canada.
  • To plan, organize and carry out an annual Stewardship campaign.
  • To prepare and administer an annual budget in consultation with Ministry Committees and Council.
  • To be responsible for all accounting, auditing investments, and banking services required by the church.
  • To be responsible for offering takers, offering counters, recording and depositing all church receipts.
  • To be responsible for administering staff payroll and benefits in conjunction with the staff payroll officer.
  • To prepare and present monthly statements of financial standing in relation to the budget to Council.
  • To receive and remit Mission and Service Funds as directed by Council.
  • To be responsible for administration of any special funds.
  • To receive regular reports from the Heritage Fund trustees and report same to Council.
  • To maintain all church property, including the church building, furnishings, and church grounds and maintain guidelines for the use of church property.
  • To be responsible for loans or rentals of church property and policy of same. To set and maintain a schedule of fees for rentals of furnishings, rooms and other services.

How You Can Help!

  • Offer your skills of a trade when required for Church maintenance
  • Offer your expertise in personnel management, stewardship, funds management, computer skills, promotions, etc.
Ministry of Care & Community

Chair: Susan Rogers

This committee shall be concerned with the following:

  • To serve the fellowship needs of the congregation by providing reception and refreshments in conjunction with congregational activities such as meetings, fellowship, and celebrations
  • To serve the congregation and community during funerals, memorials, and weddings
  • To exercise responsibility for the kitchen housekeeping and supplies, and supervision of the use of kitchen equipment such as the commercial dishwasher, plumbed-in coffee maker, fridge, stoves and freezer
  • To welcome new, transferring, or confirming members to the congregation with a corsage or boutonniere
  • To ensure the regular communication with the congregation through bulletin inserts
  • To keep in touch with the sick and shut-ins with a card or phone call
  • To work in conjunction with the church office sharing and exchanging information to help our committee to exceed its fullest potential

How You Can Help!

  • Help with preparation and serving at receptions, teas, fall suppers, special church events, anniversary celebrations, farewells, etc.
  • Join the Committee and enjoy Fun and Fellowship
  • Become a member of Care-ring
  • Visit Shut ins
  • Offer to drive congregation members to church when they are not able to do so
  • Shop for new member and transferring member gifts
  • Assist with the Church Newsletter, bulletin inserts, and website
  • Organize distribution of United Church Publications to members of our congregation
  • Visit new families to welcome them to the church
  • Knit Prayers shawls, children’s sweaters and mittens etc.
  • Help out in the office to label and stuff envelopes ,etc.
Ministry of Mission & Social Action


Chair: Janice Hamilton

This committee shall be concerned with the following:

  • To promote the Mission and Service Fund.
  • To encourage church involvement in community needs.
  • To be responsible for special projects related to Outreach.
  • To relate to United Church Community and Outreach Ministries and social service agencies.
  • To administer the Outreach budget.
  • To offer, on behalf of the congregation, social assistance to the community through the Benevolent Fund.
  • To raise awareness of Outreach issues – local, national and global.
  • To be the place of accountability for Outreach initiatives and to encourage the congregation to participate in such initiatives (i.e. ESL, CREST refugee sponsorship, Christmas Hamper, Habitat for Humanity)

How You can Help!

  • Click Here to see the many ways you can work with Outreach
  • Co-ordinate things like “The Pantry Box”, “The Sox Box”, The Mitten Tree, re-circulation of old eye glasses and postage stamps, etc.
  • Help to co-ordinate The Bookshelf . We accept used books and sell them with the proceeds going to things like Outreach, youth mission and ESL special celebrations.
Heritage Trustees

Les Rankin, Chair
Shauna Sperry
Gordon Gibson

What is the Charleswood United Church Heritage  Fund?

The Charleswood United Church Heritage Fund was established on the occasion of our Church’s 75th Anniversary. This is a Foundation Trust Fund that is kept separate from general accounts of the Church.

Charleswood United Church has benefited from the generosity of its members and supporters for over 90 years.  In 1997, aware that increasing costs for maintaining this ministry could one day exceed the capacity of the congregation, Charleswood United Church established a special Fund to receive gifts  to the church from bequests, estates and other donations,  in trust.

Early gifts to the Heritage Fund swiftly raised the principle to over $200,000 and in its first 10 years the Heritage Fund enabled the church to provide added support to outreach, education, and congregational initiatives. In 2008 the church completed an historic building renovation and expansion. The Heritage Fund was able to provide a $220,000 interest free loan to the congregation that is in the process of being repaid. However, today is the time to think of tomorrow. Gifts planned for the Heritage Fund will one day allow the services we offer to the community to be extended well into the  second century

Your Participation

It is a straightforward process to support the Heritage Fund. There are many ways you can help the Fund grow, including:

  •  – Bequest in a Will
  •  – Gifts of stocks, bonds and property
  •  – Life Insurance
  •  – Gift Annuities
  •  – Memorial gifts
  •  – Cash donations

All gifts to the Heritage Fund are tax deductible and in some situations the Heritage Fund may provide donors with estate and tax planning advantages and strategies