Celebration of Faith & Art

Our Stained Glass Windows

Our Stained Glass Windows have been donated
To The Glory of God by Members of our Congregation.

Generous and Holy God, we thank you for creating us an expectant people and, for the light that has come into the world with the birth of Jesus Christ. We give you thanks that we have been formed as a Baptismal people and, for the life and service of our dear friends who have gone before us. We thank you for those whose will is for a vibrant Christian ministry in Charleswood now and in the future and for those who have brought us to this place, the builders and stewards of Charleswood United Church. To you we have dedicated these windows. May the light which shines through them guide us into your promised future.

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Our Banners

Made by the Charleswood United Church Quilt Guild

The Charleswood United Church congregation are truly appreciative of the dedication and hard work of the ladies of the Quilt Guild. These beautiful banners add spiritually to each and every church season.

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