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June 30 Worship Service Video



Join us for Worship Sunday at 10:00 AM followed by fellowship and refreshments in the He/SheBrews Café


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Dear Friends

Welcome to worship for Sunday, June 30, 2024.

We are taking a break. At least for the first time in four years we are taking a break from weekly online services accompanied by a pastoral letter. The reason…it is vacation time.

I will be away on holidays for the month of July. The most important thing I will be doing during that time is attending the first wedding of one of my children. Our son Benjamin and his fiancé Nicole Prenovault are going to be married at Charleswood next Saturday, July 6. Needless to say we are all very excited. And of course, Benjamin is not interested in editing video services on his honeymoon!!

It doesn’t mean that the ministry of Charleswood United Church goes into hiatus. Janet will be in the office on summer hours, 9:00-2:00 Monday to Friday. Community Ventures continues to gather in the basement throughout the summer. In person services will be every Sunday at 10:00 AM led by retired ministers we have come to know here at Charleswood.

The other major effort of this summer that will not be affected in any way by my absence is the roofing project. Tremendous work has been done and it will be finished before long. We are very grateful for all the crews that have attended to this work. We continue to urge you to support the roofing project in any way you see fit, either by a donation now to reduce the amount borrowed or by future gifts in your offering that will offset the loan payments. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you are in need of a minister for pastoral care, hospital stay, or funeral during July please call the office and Janet will assist you by contacting one of the ministers we have on call.

I hope and pray that your summer is restful and re-creative. See you in August.


Grace and peace,





  • Through the United Church of Canada’s membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an appeal for donations has been issued for the Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East. For more information and to donate please visit:  Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East Appeal