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December 3 Worship Service Video



Join us for worship on Sundays at 10:00



  • Please join us after the service in the Van Roon Community Hall for the HeBrews Café, refreshments and fellowship before continuing on with your day.


  • Women’s Advent Service is Monday, December 4 at 7:00. A service of carols, communion, and candlelight will be followed by a reception in the Van Roon Community Hall. All are welcome.


  • This Sunday is White Gift Sunday for Christmas Hampers. Our goal this year is to provide Christmas Hampers to 55 families whose names are provided by the Winnipeg Cheer Board. In addition to a hamper of groceries, every child in the receiving household is given a wrapped gift. There are many ways to participate in this year’s hamper program and you can learn about them all by clicking here: White Gift and Hamper Program. Donations can be received throughout the week that follows.


Dear Friends

Welcome to worship for Sunday, December 3, 2023.

December 3 is the latest possible date that Advent can begin on the calendar. With Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday this year, Advent 4 is December 24 and counting back four Sundays, not 4 weeks, brings us to the first of Advent this weekend. So perhaps it is not surprising, in a year when Advent is only three weeks long, that this is the busiest weekend of the year in our church.

Super Saturday Sundae, so named for the ice cream treats at the end of the afternoon, is our annual Children’s Christmas Craft Day. For several months, Rosalie and her team of volunteers have been choosing what crafts the kids will make, buying the supplies for each of them, and planning the program and meal that goes along with it. It is a tremendous effort only made easier by many hands and promises to be a joy-filled afternoon. Look for some of the crafts around the church after. They invariably show up in interesting places.

White Gift Sunday this week is but one part of another tremendous effort by a team of dedicated volunteers with the common goal of filling and delivering 55 Christmas Hampers to families whose names are provided by the Christmas Cheer Board. It is not an exaggeration to say that people are working on this program year-round. On Boxing Day, our intrepid toy bargain hunters, Janice and Larry Hamilton, will be keeping their eyes open for super deals that may go into next year’s hampers. Jenna Poborsa and her Hamper Committee have been active for a couple of months, inviting us to look at the grocery list to see what we might bring to White Gift Sunday. But that’s just the beginning. After surveying what has been donating a very large shopping list is made so that every hamper can be full. Additionally, our year-round volunteer knitters will have their precious gifts blessed on Sunday before they are added to the hampers or taken to agencies for distribution. There are yet dates for volunteers to wrap gifts, pack hampers, and especially to deliver them on December 16. Click on the link above to see how you can contribute.

Lights for Lives is our Christmas Memorial Program. It begins in earnest this Sunday as people arriving at church will have the opportunity to add names to our Memorial Book and receive a small ornament as a token of remembrance. This is the program that provides the lights in the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas as each light is intended to be an offering for loved ones who are now among the great cloud of witnesses who surround and empower our ministry. Lights for Lives ends on Sunday, January 7 with a contemplative evening service to thank God for the soft companionship that carries the sorrowful through this season.

This year’s Women’s Advent Service will be held this coming Monday, December 4 at 7:00 PM. This has been a ministry of Charleswood United Church to the wider community for nearly thirty years. It is an evening of quiet reflection, inspiring music, and soft candlelight to settle the soul for the season ahead. Guests this year include three members of the inter-cultural community at Knox United Church, the Connor Derraugh Ensemble, and candlelight communion presided by Rev. Nancy Finlayson. A reception follows the service with dainties and warm cider, the first time we have been able to hold such a reception since 2019. The question is sometimes asked if men are welcome. Though the service is planned by a team of women the answer is an unequivocal YES. At Christ’s table no one is turned away.

You have likely heard of all of these events and while only some be of interest it you, it seems important to share good news of the vibrant and vital ministry at Charleswood United Church on the first weekend of Advent and through the season to come.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


Grace and peace,




  • For news and events please have a look at Life & Work on our website: Life and Work


  • Did you know you can support this ministry by e-transfer, automatic withdrawal (PAR), and gifted securities, in addition to weekly or monthly cheques? For Offering Information please visit: https://charleswoodunited.org/support/  Thank you for your generous support.


  • Through the United Church of Canada’s membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, an appeal for donations has been issued for the Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East. For more information and to donate please visit:  Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East Appeal


  • Michael Wilson’s book “A Pastoral Pandemic: Remaining Connected in a Time of Disconnection” is available in store and online through CommonWord Bookstore (Canadian Mennonite University). For more information visit: https://www.commonword.ca/go/3408



  • The reading for this week’s service can be found at: Mark 13:24-37