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Dear Friends

Welcome to worship for Sunday, June 18, 2023.

It was after everything for this week’s online service had been recorded that we heard about the tragic accident on the Trans-Canada Highway near Carberry. A van carrying 25 people, mostly seniors from Dauphin and area, was struck by an east bound semi as the van crossed the highway. The horror is indescribable. The terror unimaginable. I invite the members and friends of Charleswood United Church to join me in praying for the lives lost, the healing of the injured, and comfort for the Dauphin community as they struggle with a sorrow that will be with them forever.

We pray also for those who were first to arrive at the site. For those who rescued and consoled and attended to need. We offer gratitude for first responders who came by air and road to put their incalculable skills to work in a scene of devastation. We pray for those who waited to receive the injured in Manitoba hospitals and for those who went to find family members of the fifteen souls who died in the crash.

Manitoba is a small place. We are all connected in ways known and unknown. Surely it is only a matter of time before we begin to learn of the intersections that must exist between those who were on the van and those who are in our circles of love and care. This is a time of unity in lament and the ministry of compassion is ours to offer.

May God bless the lives of all those affected by this tragic event and be their constant companion.


Grace and peace,






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