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Annual Events

Here you’ll find information about what to expect from our typical annual events. For dates and details about them as they approach, keep a close eye on our calendar page  and Upcoming EventsClick on the box to reveal more information about any event.


It is important for the Congregation of the church to be aware of what it takes to run our church. At the Annual General Meeting, annual reports are presented from each Committee as well as the President of Council and the Ministers.

It is also at the Annual General Meeting that the congregation is presented with the names of those who have agreed to serve on Council and the other Ministry Committees for the term. It is also their chance to ask questions about what has been done in the past year and what is planned for the next 12 months.

The Congregational Life Committee always provides us with a light lunch right after the 11:00 a.m. service so we can get started promptly at 12:30 p.m. The meeting usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. All members of the congregation and adherents are encouraged to attend.  The meeting is generally held in late February.  For this year’s date please check our calendar.

Annual Report

Christmas Hampers

In early December we hold a White Gift Sunday at which time we collect donations of food and money to prepare Christmas Hampers for The Christmas Cheer Board, a Winnipeg based charitable organization that collects non perishable food items and unwrapped toys for Christmas Hampers for those families in need. We supply, pack, and deliver approximately sixty hampers to families in our community and our prolific knitters contribute hundreds of hats, mittens and sweaters.  Many Helping Hands are needed to make this a successful event.  Please contact the church office if you can help.

Church Picnic

About mid-June of each year, we gather after one 10:00 a.m. service for a light lunch in the Van Roon Community Hall to celebrate together the conclusion of the “Church” calendar.  We look forward to summer and then  returning to two services in September.  It is a time of fun and fellowship which is  truly a family event. Young and old look forward to this each year.

Clothing Drive

This event is hosted by the Outreach Committee twice a year. It is your chance to clean out your closet of clothes you are not wearing but still have life in them for someone else to benefit from. If you have some time to spare, the committee can always use a few extra hands to help sort the clothes prior to the sale.

Start your “gently used” clothing bag today and watch our calendar for specific dates.!

Fall Supper

Usually in October, this is one of the highlights of our church cycle. The community at large is invited to join our church family for a delicious turkey dinner followed by coffee and pie that is hard to beat.

You have to get your tickets early early because even with our new accommodations, we usually have more folks wanting to come than we can handle. This is a fundraiser for the church and your donations are always appreciated.

Mens Dinner

The men of Charleswood United Church come together once a year in the spring, usually in May,  bringing with them their friends, family and neighbors.

They have enjoyed delicious dinners, good speakers, great entertainment and the opportunity to enjoy good company.  For specific dates each year check our Calendar and Upcoming Events.



Charleswood United Church is very pleased to offer a summer musical program. Our main goal is to focus on building community, making new friends, and acting as a support system for one another. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in which we can bring out the talents of others and foster their growth. It is our hope that cast members will take the time to both teach and learn from each other. Members of our cast will find their summers with us fun, challenging, and very rewarding.

If you are in grade 2 and up and you are interested in becoming a part of CUC Musicals, you can contact us at cucmusicals@gmail.com.

In September 2018, we will perform “Big Fish”!

Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm in May and June; 5pm to 9pm in July, August, and September.  There are also additional rehearsals in September to prepare for the show, with times being announced.  Musical Camp is held August 12th & 13th. Times TBA.

We welcome Helping Hands during Show Week to take tickets and run the canteen.  If you want to offer your Helping Hands, please e-mail us.cucmusicals@gmail.com

CUC Musicals is on YouTube! Check us out at www.youtube.com/user/cucmusicals
You can also visit our website at cucmusicals.webs.com or

Quiz Nite

An Annual fundraiser know for great fun and great food. Everyone brings their own snacks and that is a competition in itself.  Usually held in November.  Watch our Calendar or Bulletin Board for specific dates.

Quiz NiteQuiz Nite 5

Rummage Sale

In the spring of each year we ask you all to clean out any gently used summer clothing, kitchen gadgets, decorative items, toys, sport equipment, books, office equipment, plants, tools, etc. and drop them off at the church to be sold at our annual Rummage Sale. Sometimes it is helpful to keep a box around into which you put things you come across over the year but may forget about when the time comes.

This project is a fundraiser to support the work of our church and you can help, not only by dropping off the items above but by coming down to help sort through it to get it ready for the sale.

We get some real treasures some years so tell all your friends and neighbors about the sale and you may want to get there early yourself to get first pick.  Check our calendar for this year’s event.

Super Saturday Sundae

Each year on or near the last Saturday of November, our church presents a wonderful Advent celebration for families of our fold called Super Saturday Sundae. Ingeniously named, Super represents the fact that it is, Saturday, the day the event happens and Sundae… We enjoy Sundaes at the end of the afternoon!

From all estimates, SSS has been organized by the Christian Development Committee for approximately 22 years.  Our afternoon in the big hall starts off with children of all ages being encouraged to move from table to table, accumulating on average, 10 crafts that they create for decorating their homes and trees for Christmas.  The fun shifts to the sanctuary where we gather and discuss the coming church season of Advent, hearing the story and singing Christmas carols.  It’s also ample time to prepare the tables in the hall for a supper of hotdogs, veggies, sweets, oranges and sundaes.

In many homes of our congregation, the crafts adorn the trees for many years to come. The SSS celebration truly does prepare our hearts for the upcoming joy and excitement that Christmas brings… An opportunity to tap into the messages of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that comes to us in that wee precious bundle in the manger so many long years ago.  For specific dates each year, please check our Calendar and Upcoming Events.

Shows & Fundraisers

Various talented groups from within the church and from the community at large invite you to be entertained as they present their concerts. There is a great deal of talent in Winnipeg and we are fortunate to have a good representation of it during the year entertaining at our church.  Watch our Calendar and Upcoming Events for dates and details.

Women's Retreat

Charleswood United’s Women’s Spring Retreat has become an annual event, organized by Christian women of the church who wanted to get away as a group.  (Organizers seem to have a common link of TGIF in their past but many more participate).

Earlier retreats have consisted of sojourns to Wilderness Edge in Pinawa,  Misty Lake Lodge (Gimli area), Camp Cedarwood (Lac du Bonnet area), and Camp Arnes (back to Gimli!). We have enjoyed themed events of ‘Simplicity’, ‘Life Beyond Chocolate’, ‘Joy’, meditative movement workshops, the ‘Mood of Music’ workshop, and ‘What color are you?’ personality workshop. We have laughed, cried, shared, ridden horses, taken walks, played board games, skated, cross-country skied, shopped, sang, ate, swam, slept, napped, read, and worshipped… Creating the bond that keeps us saying “More!” to this kind of fellowship.

Watch our Calendar and Upcoming Events page for dates and times

Vacation Bible School

A continuation of our church school occurs in August each year as we present Charleswood United’s Vacation Church School. The church enjoys a highly elevated activity level as, on average, 50 children, 20 youth helpers and 5 teacher/worship leaders come together for more of our church’s teachings.  We sing, dance, craft, play, create, dramatize and eat our way through entire mornings as we take in the Bible Stories from curriculum.  We have enjoyed an increase in youth helpers, telling us that we are on the right path!  Be sure and check our Calendar and Upcoming Events page for dates and details of our next Vacation Bible School.