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The Mission & Social Action Committee of Charleswood United Church is tasked with demonstrating our faith in our local community and beyond. Our role is to raise awareness of the needs and injustices in the world and to help church members understand and address them in a caring and supportive way.

Your participation in this rewarding and fulfilling ministry is always welcome. We share our time and talent to support:

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1HOPE Winnipeg

This organization represents five ministries that are supported by the United Church in Winnipeg. These are St. Matthew’s Maryland, Oak Table, West Broadway, North End Stella, and Rainbow Ministries. Each United Church in Winnipeg focuses on one or two of these ministries;  ours are St. Matthew’s Maryland and Oak Table. http://1hopewinnipeg.com/

St. Matthew's-Maryland Community Ministry

This outreach ministry serves families and individuals in Winnipeg’s West End. Programs include a drop–in centre, food bank, referrals for health care, education, housing and social assistance, an Artist’s Circle, family events, community clean-ups, community gardens, Nutrition Bingo, and a new program to help people learn skills that would enable them to enter the work force.The congregation supports this Ministry by providing sandwiches and coffee once a month for their drop–in program, supplying ingredients and volunteers for their Nutrition Bingo, a game that encourages healthy eating; contributing refreshments, toys and volunteers for their Christmas Open House, and helping with an event called “Soup and Stories”.
The committee also manages the “Pantry Box” by the front door of our church which is a place for church members to deposit non perishable food and Canadian Tire money at their convenience. These donations are distributed to St. Matthew’s Maryland on a regular basis.


How You Can Help:

  • Volunteer to prepare a loaf of sandwiches for St. Matthew’s–Maryland Drop–in Centre.
  • Watch for announcements at church and on this website requesting support for specific projects.
  • Donate food items and Canadian Tire money to the Pantry Box.
  • Deliver food items to the attended recipients as required.
Oak Table Ministry

This outreach ministry located at Augustine United Church serves those in the Osborne community with mental health, addictions and housing concerns.From Monday to Thursday they serve lunch, offer pastoral care and counseling, and provide access to computers, phones, newspapers, and information about community services. On Wednesdays they offer art classes and during holidays they host several special events for the community.

Project Peacemakers

This local chapter of Project Ploughshares works for peace from a faith perspective, while working to create a peaceful society by motivating and educating members and the community.Their events include an annual Sing for Peace concert at Crescent Fort Rouge church around Remembrance Day, an annual Toy Store Inspection, where they try to encourage purchasing non-violent toys for Christmas, and the annual Eco-Friendly Dinner.
They support education through the Peace Banner project, a Peace Resource for teachers, and a Remembrance Day resource that can be used in the schools. They also produce a quarterly newsletter called Peace Projections.

Agape Table

This Community Nutrition Centre offers a hot breakfast to the low income and homeless people in downtown Winnipeg. Located at All Saints Church on Broadway and Osborne, they offer a subsidized breakfast, a low cost grocery program and Agape Table for Kids offers market quality produce to families in need as well as education for those families.

Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Center

As a First Nations Theological Centre, this school prepares spiritual leaders for ministry and provides cross cultural education for the larger community. They offer continuing educational programs, facilitate retreats, and programs that reflect First Nations culture.

Main Street Project

This organization works with Winnipeg inner city individuals who are in need and unable to function due to alcoholism, chemical dependency, abuse, or homelessness. The project assists those individuals through crisis periods and helps them make the best possible use of rehabilitation and support services that exist in Winnipeg.
Our church collects men’s socks and underwear in the Sox Box and delivers them to the Main Street Project. In the fall of 2012 nine huge bags of new socks and men’s underwear were donated to Main Street Project by our congregation.


  • Deposit gently used or new underwear or socks( pairs not required.) in the bin at the north end of the Narthex
Westgrove Family Resource Center

This Manitoba Housing development in the Charleswood community offers a clothing depot, parenting programs, crafts, seasonal events and a community kitchen. Our church has provided help to the community in many ways over the years.


The Leprosy Mission Canada

This organization works in the affected areas of Africa and Asia diagnosing, treating, rehabilitating and teaching people to live with the effects of leprosy. Stamps are collected in the “Stamp Jar” at the back of the sanctuary to sell for proceeds that are sent to the Leprosy Mission.

Save all your postage stamps, postcards and old envelopes (circa 1950 or earlier) with the stamp intact; include the cancellation where possible. Deposit in the Stamp Box.

Christmas Hamper Project

Under the direction of the Christmas Hamper Committee, Charleswood United Church supplies, packs and delivers food and toys to needy families whose names are provided by the Christmas Cheer Board,at Christmas. Our knitters provide hundreds of toques, mittens and sweaters to include in these hampers. As well, a mitten tree is put up in the winter where people can add mittens, hats, etc. to decorate the tree.


  • Pack and deliver Christmas hampers
  • Pick up wool at the church office, or supply your own, to knit mitts, hats for our Mitten Tree and Christmas Hampers.
Rummage Sale and Clothing Drive

The Rummage Sale in the spring is our largest project. Because the whole church helps with set-up and selling, as well as by donating many, many articles, it is a good fund raiser. Any unsold articles are welcomed at other charities and ministries in Winnipeg.
In the fall we have an annual Clothing Drive during which winter clothing, boots, backpacks, etc. are collected and distributed to different agencies in Winnipeg.


  • Start a box or bag to collect your gently used clean clothing, and then watch for announcements at church and on this website for dates when the clothing drives will take place.
  • Help at the church to sort and deliver clothing.
Clothing Drive

In the fall we have an annual Clothing Drive during which winter clothing, boots, backpacks, etc. are collected and distributed to different agencies in Winnipeg.

How You Can Help:

  • Start a box or bag to collect your gently used clean clothing, and then watch for announcements at church and on this website for dates when the clothing drives will take place.
  • Sort and deliver clothing.

In 1999, four mainline Charleswood churches got together to sponsor refugees who wanted to make Winnipeg their home. The acronym CREST stands for Charleswood Refugee Ecumenical Sponsorship Team.

The original churches were: Gloria Dei Lutheran, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic, Charleswood United and Charleswood Mennonite.  Current members are Gloria Dei Lutheran, Charleswood United and Charleswood Mennonite plus Faith Works Mennonite Brethren, a smaller group.

Refugees that CREST sponsors are identified by the Refugee Program of the Mennonite Central Committee. This body is in touch with the Canadian Refugee Board which processes refugee applications overseas. Additionally we look at sponsorship applications from requests of families who are already in Canada asking if we could sponsor other members of their families to reunite them in Canada.

Working together with other churches lightens the load of full sponsorship both financially and in giving the support that is necessary in settling these newcomers. Each participating church, including Charleswood United, has put between $2,000-$4,000 into the CREST treasury each year. These funds soon build up the necessary reserves to sponsor a family for one year–estimated to be between $20,000-$30,000.

Helping the refugees with housing, providing furnishings, applying for many government programs (SIN, Child Tax Credit, etc.), getting them into ESL classes and dealing with rent, utilities, home maintenance, etc. is shared among CREST members. In addition, often some pastoral care people from the congregations are recruited to befriend the refugees, take them to church, appointments, etc.  Ongoing support may be needed for up to 5 years.

Since CREST sponsors a family every 2-4 years the work does not seem that onerous although people on the committee can be quite busy during the first few months of a new sponsorship.

In November 2013, the Soto-Payares family arrived from Colombia and are successfully facing the challenges of a new country. Several in our congregation have been thoughtful in offering furniture, TVs, and even a small Christmas tree. As we have no place to store these items, they usually end up at either the Mennonite Central Committee thrift store or at the Lighthouse Mission, a Christian drop-in centre on Main Street near Higgins.

The benefits that CREST offers to refugees coming to Canada are obvious. The benefits in getting to know and work with church members from other denominations is a valuable side benefit as well.

Please join with us as we joyfully follow Christ’s mandate to be our brother’s keeper.

United Church of Canada Mission & Service Fund

Donations to this worthy fund supports ministry and charitable services across Canada and around the globe. The Mission & Service Fund is the only fund in which members and friends of the United Church pool their givings. Charleswood United Church members are faithful contributors to this fund making it possible for the national church to be more effective in its ministry.

Some other organizations which are supported on an occasional basis are:
Rossbrook House   www.rossbrookhouse.ca/
Osborne House   www.osbornehouse.org/
Winnipeg Harvest  www.winnipegharvest.org/
Lighthouse Mission   www.lighthousemission.ca/
Siloam Mission   www.siloam.ca/
Habitat for Humanity www.habitat.mb.ca/
Knowles Centre   www.knowlescentre.ca/
The Clothes Closet situated at Ft. Garry United Church  www.swfic.org/clothesCloset.pdf
RAY(Resource Assistance for Youth)  www.rayinc.ca/
West Central Women’s Resource Centre   http://wcwrc.ca/